Hoge Wier

Beautiful modern lounge clipper

60 passengers
0 beds

About the ship

De Hoge Wier is a very well-kept, fast and comfortable single-masted clipper. Her interior has a trendy and modern look.
It is perfect for day trips with groups, company outings, family outings, parties, wedding parties, meetings and much more!

All the supplies are on board to make your outing a success. There is a beautiful sound system for speeches, music and karaoke. It has an open kitchen with bar & tap. And a beautiful lighting plan that makes it possible to adjust the light to the atmosphere that you want to create. There are comfortable seating areas on the deck with soft cushions so that you can relax and enjoy the panoramic view.

Sailing area

  • IJssel- Markermeer
  • Waddenzee en Friese Meren

Departure harbor

  • Almere Buiten
  • Amsterdam
  • Bloc van Kuffelen
  • Muiden
  • Volendam
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  • Central heating
  • Hifi
  • Microphone
  • Warm water
  • 60 passengers
  • 0 beds
  • Daypart min: €930,00
  • Daypart max: €1.250,00
  • Day min: €1.575,00
  • Day max: €1.775,00


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