Loungeklipper Umoja

Sailing Day trips for 25 to 125 people

200 passengers
0 beds

About the ship

Welcome aboard by the crew !
Enjoy our two master Umoja a wonderful day out on the water !

Your business or family getaway from 35-150 guests in an informal atmosphere scale . For large and small groups.

You led the crew hoist the sails or even stand at the wheel and get explanations about navigation.

There are several options for excellent catering . BBQ , Lunch Buffet.
Keuzeuit all-inclusive packages. Possibilities include a visit to Pampus , Volendam, Batavia Lelystad , Marken or Hoorn .

The Zeilklipper Umoja has a large wardrobe , four deluxe toilets with sinks and dressing room , wood burning stoves and a cozy bar with draft beer .
The ship has a length of 46 meters and width of 6.5 meters.
The Clipper Umoja is fully tested and sailing trips for years with an experienced crew. Sail with us !

Sailing area

  • IJssel- Markermeer
  • Waddenzee en Friese Meren
  • Zeeland en Zuid-Holland

Departure harbor

  • Monnickendam


  • 4x toilet
  • Central heating
  • Hifi
  • Microphone
  • TV
  • Warm water
  • 200 passengers
  • 0 beds
  • Daypart min: €50,00
  • Daypart max: €95,00
  • Day min: €75,00
  • Day max: €145,00

Themed trips

Did you know you can sail with a group trip, take part on a themed trip or use one of our ships as a hotel?

No themed trips found.