De Vlieter

3% reduction for groups till max. 14 persons.

19 passengers
16 beds

About the ship

Pure and authentic.

Come on board and sense the special atmosphere of a traditional ‘tjalk’, a jewel of the ‘brown fleet’ and a fine sailer. She takes you to the silence and spaciousness, nature and scenery of Wadden Sea, IJsselmeer, canals and lakes.

Home port is MAKKUM on the Frisian IJsselmeer shore near the Afsluitdijk and Wadden Sea.

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See you on board.

Kind regards, Jan Rijswijk.

You will receive 3% reduction at the rental price for this ship when your group is smaller then or with a maximum of 14 persons. Only for trips with a overnight stay.

Sailing area

  • IJssel- Markermeer
  • Waddenzee en Friese Meren

Departure harbor

  • Franeker
  • Harlingen
  • Makkum
  • Stavoren
  • Workum
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  • 1x toilet
  • Warm water
  • 230 Volt
  • 1x shower
  • Central heating
  • 19 passengers
  • 16 beds
  • 2 person cabins: 2
  • 4 person cabins: 3
  • Daypart min: €680,00
  • Daypart max: €900,00
  • Day min: €890,00
  • Day max: €1.300,00
  • Weekend min: €1.985,00
  • Weekend max: €2.220,00
  • Week min: €3.610,00
  • Week max: €4.020,00
  • Midweek min: €2.520,00
  • Midweek max: €2.810,00

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