Flying Dutchman

Scotland : sailing , hiking nature and whiskey tours.

25 passengers
26 beds

About the ship

Tour Scotland

Come to Scotland and leave you with the wind in its sails by having this wonderful country at all those very special places that sometimes only be reached by sailing ship.

Enjoy the tranquility of the water, mystical, music , whiskey, castles and the authentic nature. Hiking, biking, boating, music and whiskey tasting , choose the trip that best suits you.

The Flying Dutchman offers you this option , large enough to provide a pleasant stay and small enough to explore hidden places.

Sailing area

  • Schotland

Departure harbor

  • Oban (Schotland)
  • Amsterdam
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  • 12x Shower
  • 12x toilet
  • 230 Volt
  • Central heating
  • Hifi
  • Warm water
  • 25 passengers
  • 26 beds
  • 2 person cabins: 11
  • 4 person cabins: 1
  • Daypart min: €1.500,00
  • Daypart max: €2.000,00
  • Day min: €1.500,00
  • Day max: €2.000,00
  • Weekend min: €6.000,00
  • Weekend max: €8.000,00
  • Week min: €9.500,00
  • Week max: €11.000,00
  • Midweek min: €6.500,00
  • Midweek max: €7.500,00

Themed trips

Did you know you can sail with a group trip, take part on a themed trip or use one of our ships as a hotel?

Schotland : Small Islands & Skye

Type: Packages
From: Oban (Schotland) - 14-08-2021
To: Oban (Schotland) - 22-08-2021
Price: €1.285,00

With the Flying Dutchman we sail to the Small Islands (Muck-Rum-Eigg) and Skye. On the way we can see many seabirds: gannets, parrot birds, carnivores. And we have good chances to see dolphins and whale sharks.

Whiskyreis: Islay-Jura-Mull 1 – 7 juni 2020 …7 dagen € 885,-

Type: Group trips
From: Oban (Schotland) - 19-09-2021
To: Oban (Schotland) - 26-09-2021
Price: €995,00

Unsere Tour “Whisky-Westküste und Hebriden” führt uns nach Tobermory, Jura und natürlich zum ultimativen Whisky-Paradies Islay.
Eine entspannte Segelreise durch atemberaubende Landschaften, auf der wir uns sowohl in bewohnten, als auch in unbewohnten Gebieten aufhalten werden. Wir legen in kleinen idyllischen Hafenstädten an, werden aber auch an wunderschönen einsamen Orten vor Anker gehen: zum Beispiel in einem verlassenen Loch, weit weg von der Zivilisation. Es wird eine sehr besondere Reise, auf der es viel zu entdecken gibt. Sie besuchen Klassiker wie die Oban Distillery in der gleichnamigen Hafenstadt. Höhepunkt der Segelreise ist sicher der Besuch der Insel Islay, wo die besonders rauchigen, torfigen Whiskys beheimatet sind.

Whisky Expeditie Hebriden: Islay-Jura-Mull

Type: Packages
From: Oban (Schotland) - 03-10-2021
To: Oban (Schotland) - 10-10-2021
Price: €995,00

we sail to the islands of the Hebrides and visit the most famous whiskey distilleries. Our tour starts in Oban with a visit to the Oban distillery and leads us during the week to Jura and Islay.

Whiskytour Scotland : Islay – Jura – Mull

Type: Group trips
From: Oban (Schotland) - 10-10-2021
To: Oban (Schotland) - 16-10-2021
Price: €885,00

Whisky tour Scotland : We sail to the islands of the Hebrides and visit the most famous whiskey distilleries on Jura and Islay.
Jura has an exciting, but remote distillery, which gives their visitors free access. We visit of course the ultimate Islay whisky paradise. It will be an exciting journey through a fantastic area with excellent whisky distilleries.

Scotland/ Loch Ness & Musik & Whisky

Type: Group trips
From: Oban (Schotland) - 16-10-2021
To: Inverness (Schotland) - 22-10-2021
Price: €885,00

A beautiful trip through the Caledonia Canal, that connects the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most beautiful waterways in the world.We start in Oban and sail along the west coast. From Fort William we will go straight through the mountains of the Scottish Highlands to Inverness.It offers beautiful landscapes and views. Four mountain lakes, of which Loch Ness is the most famous, but Loch Lochy, Loch Oich, and Loch Douchfour are also beautiful.

Sailing tour Inverness (Scotland)– Amsterdam ( Netherlands)

Type: Packages
From: Inverness (Schotland) - 22-10-2021
To: Amsterdam - 30-10-2021
Price: €595,00

Adventurous and beautiful trip from Inverness to Amsterdam, a journey of almost 500 nautical miles. During the journey we will sail often at night and we will make you an integral part of the crew. We will learn you everything there is about the ship, sailing and navigation.