Welcome on board! Let's go on a adventure

12 passengers
12 beds

About the ship

You’re about to become better acquainted with my wonderful barge the Zuiderzee and with his skipper. Thank you for visiting my ship online. Come aboard and sail with us the waters of the Netherlands.

On board you will find an attractive guest room, which is very cosy because of its remarkable characteristic atmosphere, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The former cargo hold can accomodate maximum 12 people (sleep).

You’re planning a few days?  Then spend the night with 8 to 10 people perfectly. Are there children with you, then succeed overnight also fine with 12 people. In total there are 15 beds on board (three for the crew).

Sailing area

  • IJssel- Markermeer
  • Waddenzee en Friese Meren
  • Overig

Departure harbor

  • Monnickendam
  • Volendam
  • Marken
  • Muiden
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  • 1x toilet
  • 230 Volt
  • 12 passengers
  • 12 beds
  • Daypart min: €525,00
  • Daypart max: €615,00
  • Day min: €725,00
  • Day max: €780,00
  • Weekend min: €1.450,00
  • Weekend max: €1.450,00
  • Week min: €260,00
  • Week max: €2.600,00
  • Midweek min: €1.600,00
  • Midweek max: €1.750,00

Themed trips

Did you know you can sail with a group trip, take part on a themed trip or use one of our ships as a hotel?

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