Zwarte Ruiter

It's your sailing home

20 passengers
16 beds

About the ship

Zwarte Ruiter is one of the smaller Wadden Sea ships. It has a 85 cm. draught, which makes it the perfect Wadden ship. Plenty of opportunity to actively take part in sailing the ship. Ideal for birdwatching in nature reserve area. The ship is your floating holyday cottage.

Sailing area

  • IJssel- Markermeer
  • Waddenzee en Friese Meren

Departure harbor

  • Franeker
  • Harlingen
  • Makkum
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  • 1x toilet
  • Central heating
  • Hifi
  • 20 passengers
  • 16 beds
  • 4 person cabins: 4
  • Day min: €910,00
  • Day max: €1.175,00
  • Weekend min: €1.815,00
  • Week min: €3.478,00
  • Midweek min: €2.435,00


Themed trips

Did you know you can sail with a group trip, take part on a themed trip or use one of our ships as a hotel?

Three day’s sailing adventure, anchoring overnight.

Type: Packages
From: Franeker - 27-08-2021
To: Franeker - 29-08-2021
Price: €325,00

Thursday-evening till sunday, You're welcome to sail and stay with a small group to be off-shore for three days vacation.