Themed trips

Did you know you can sail with a group trip, take part on a themed trip or use one of our ships as a hotel?

Here you can book a sailing trip

augustus 2021

Schotland : Small Islands & Skye


Ship: Flying Dutchman
From: Oban (Schotland) - 14-08-2021
To: Oban (Schotland) - 22-08-2021
Price: €1.285,00

With the Flying Dutchman we sail to the Small Islands (Muck-Rum-Eigg) and Skye. On the way we can see many seabirds: gannets, parrot birds, carnivores. And we have good chances to see dolphins and whale sharks.

Sailing for (grand)parent & (grand)child


Ship: Bruinvisch
From: Harlingen - 16-08-2021
To: Harlingen - 20-08-2021
Price: €190,00

Active five-day trip sailing and playing on the Waddensea for (grand)parent & (grand)child.

Three day’s sailing adventure, anchoring overnight.


Ship: Zwarte Ruiter
From: Franeker - 27-08-2021
To: Franeker - 29-08-2021
Price: €325,00

Thursday-evening till sunday, You're welcome to sail and stay with a small group to be off-shore for three days vacation.

Daytrip Wadden Sea


Ship: Bruinvisch
From: Harlingen - 29-08-2021
To: Harlingen - 29-08-2021
Price: €70,00

Sailing daytrip on the Waddensea with a monumental sailing vessel. Lunch included.

West-east Waddentrip


Ship: Bruinvisch
From: Harlingen - 31-08-2021
To: Lauwersoog - 03-09-2021
Price: €240,00

Sailing from west (Harlingen) to east (Lauwersoog). For sailers and naturelovers.

september 2021

Exclusive Rottumeroog trip


Ship: Bruinvisch
From: Lauwersoog - 05-09-2021
To: Lauwersoog - 12-09-2021
Price: €595,00

Exclusive trip to Rottumeroog. For bird- and nature lovers.

Wadden paintingtrip


Ship: Bruinvisch
From: Lauwersoog - 20-09-2021
To: Harlingen - 24-09-2021
Price: €460,00

Sailing and painting on the Waddensea. For beginners and advanced.

oktober 2021

Whisky Expeditie Hebriden: Islay-Jura-Mull


Ship: Flying Dutchman
From: Oban (Schotland) - 03-10-2021
To: Oban (Schotland) - 10-10-2021
Price: €995,00

we sail to the islands of the Hebrides and visit the most famous whiskey distilleries. Our tour starts in Oban with a visit to the Oban distillery and leads us during the week to Jura and Islay.

Sailing tour Inverness (Scotland)– Amsterdam ( Netherlands)


Ship: Flying Dutchman
From: Inverness (Schotland) - 22-10-2021
To: Amsterdam - 30-10-2021
Price: €595,00

Adventurous and beautiful trip from Inverness to Amsterdam, a journey of almost 500 nautical miles. During the journey we will sail often at night and we will make you an integral part of the crew. We will learn you everything there is about the ship, sailing and navigation.